The missing link...

The missing link in a situation is the piece of information or evidence that you need in order to make your knowledge or understanding of something complete.

"We're dealing with probably the biggest missing link in what we know about human evolution. "

Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Copyright

In every day life...

... we experience many times situations that could have been resolved better had we had the knowledge to understand completely the situation. It is this lack of knowledge and understanding  in any given situation which I am referring in this book as the Missing Link.

We could ask ourselves...

... what was the missing link I needed in order to stop my relationship breaking down?

...what was the missing link that could have assisted me to keep my job?

...what was the missing link that could have prevented me falling out with one of my children?

...what was the missing link which would have prevented me being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

...what was the missing link that could have helped me handle my emotional and mental state of mind when I am was diagnosed with cancer?

I am currently writing The Missing Link, a book that explores areas of our lives where the missing link could play an important role in achieving a happier, healthier and more harmonious life.

For example, the area and missing link might be:

Communication - by listening to understand instead of listening to blame

Authenticity - by disclosing openly instead of hiding behind a facade

Autonomy - by being aware of our insecurities and chronic patterns and not letting them inhibit us

Parenthood - by learning to parent instead of believing children grow up naturally 

Intimacy - by learning to love unconditionally instead of loving conditionally in relationships

Healthy Personality - by being known unconditionally all the way through instead of keeping things a secret to ourselves only

Emotional traumas - by working on emotional traumas instead of continuously reliving them. 

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