Room to Listen

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Many people have discovered the benefits of giving and receiving ‘a good listening to’. It would seem we can only get to grips with our inner turmoils by disclosing them to another human being. This is what nature intended, but somehow, we were taught not to do it.

Talking out our problems, suddenly turns them into solutions - it’s like magic. 

This idea is rooted in the work of Sidney M Jourard, a Canadian psychologist, professor and author of the book ‘The Transparent Self’, who after many years of working with people wrote the following…

‘Openness (transparency) with at least one significant person is an essential requirement for a healthy personality.’

(The Transparent Self - Jourard, 1971)

Simply put, our healthy state of mind and relationships depend on how much we reveal about ourselves to another human being.  The more we reveal, the more authentic and healthier we become.

In order to give or receive 'a good listening to' we need to make room in our life to listen.   Whether it is face-to-face, over the telephone, video conferencing using 'facetime' or 'zoom', we can do it.  You can find out about the rules and process for giving  or receiving 'a good listening to' . There are articles available on my  FREE DOWNLOADS webpage, so go there if you need to.   Otherwise, you can contact me direct for more information on how to set up 'Room to Listen' in your life..