Our mental jungle

Where do you start?

Our mental jungle is unique to us and to understand how our mental jungle evolved we need to tell our story to someone whose only purpose is to listen to understand how our mental jungle was formed

It usually requires a trained listening professional, but a friend or ally can learn the necessary skills to listen to us as we explore our mental jungle. 

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Diagnostic tools

Do you have choices...

You have several options to finding someone to listen to you, such as:

  • Talk to a friend - probably the first person we talk to is a trusted friend or ally.  Or…
  • Join a group - talking to a group of people who experience similar issues is always helpful.  Next…
  • See a doctor - this is often the first expert we go to. Or…
  • See a counsellor - there are an abundance of different counselling disciplines available today, whether private or on the NHS.  Or…
  • See a psychiatrist - they offer the same approaches as a counsellor or psychologist but they can also prescribe medication. 


Rediscover your authenticity

To rediscover our authenticity and recover our original autonomy and intimacy we must...

  • Believe in ourself -  that we can work it out for ourself and make the changes needed
  • Change our beliefs - rewrite the messages from our past that have misinformed and misguided us
  • Change our behaviour - feel the fear and do it anyway 
  • Re-evalute past traumas - free ourself from outdated emotional patterns associated with our past traumas and take back control of our life.
Self-empowerment interventions