Thank you for taking interest in my blogs. The essence of my work is to bring to your attention the power of just listening, whether that be as a parent, a partner, a friend or a boss. I invite you to comment on my blog or contact me.


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  1. In 2021, I was nominated by a young man who I met 3 years for the individual category of BBC Radio 4 programme 'All in the mind'.  Much to my delight, I was selected as one of three finalists. On June 28 2021, the winner was chosen at a special event at the Welcome Foundation in London by a panel of mental health specialists. Although, I was not the winner on the night, I feel proud to have been selected as a finalist by such a prestigious programme. 

  2. My new website contains links to free downloads written in layman's language on the subjects of:

    Giving and receiving a good listening to

    Listening to your children

    Emotional Intelligence for parents

    Taking the mystery out of mental health

    You can view, download or print directly from teh website.

    Enjoy, Mike