Just talk cancer... 

Pre diagnosis

This is when we notice something unusual and don't know what it is. 

This is the time when our minds race ahead and we imagine unforeseen threats to our survival. 

Now is the time to share our fears and anxieties with someone who will just listen before we spiral out of control. 

Just talking will enable us to become more objective and realistic about our situation. 


Our journey of living with cancer has just begun for real. 

We need to understand the nitty gritty of our diagnosis. 

We need to explore the possible outcomes of having cancer.

We will, of course, feel numbed by this news and lose our everyday focus on life.

Sharing our experience of being diagnosed is helpful to our mental and emotional well-being.


The Upheavel

Our lives have been turned upside down and inside out by this news.

We will experience confusion, isolation and personal anilhilation.

It is now critical to our mental and emotional well-being to find the right support and resources to assist us through this storm.

Only then, can we make the adjustments to our thought processes and emotional states essential to surviving this upheavel. 


Moving on...

We will move on, it's inevitable. How we move on and to where is down to us.

It is important to find a mental place where what has happened to us makes sense, and having cancer no longer dominates our everyday life activities.

We start to make plans for whatever lies ahead.

Our life may have been turned upside down by cancer, but our awareness and insight has made us a better human being.

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